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As mother of a daughter who slept really bad, I experienced how valuable a Sleep Consultant can be. Sleep deprivation has a massive impact on your daily life! Working with a sleep consultant has brought us a lot. A well-rested, happy daughter without red eyes and with some color on her cheeks, being able to function well at work and as partners we had our evening back! And even now – a few years later – I still use the knowledge of the sleeptraining. Especially after the birth of our daughter at the beginning of this year.

For me this was also the moment to make a decision about my career. I changed from a corporate change manager to a certified Child Sleep Consultant with a mission.

I want to help as many children and their parents as possible to sleep better. So that they can also perform optimal during the day! Together with my family I live in Bussum, but I am helping families with better sleep across the Netherlands.

With my personal approach, without judgement and sincerely interested to help you, I take care of a clear plan and together we go for it!

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My education to become a Child Sleep Consultant I did at the renowned “Family Sleep Institute”. During this program I learnt (among others) about different sleepmethods, the different sleep phases that (young) children go through, what sleep means for children and the influence that sleep has on them. Also the dynamic and relation between parents and children and the influence of sleep on that. The different sleep methodes are part of the course, were the most important thing for me is that a sleep method should fit you and makes you feel comfortable as a parent. However, sleep methodes are only a part of sleepcoaching, it really is about the whole picture were different elements play a role. As a graduate from this program, I am part of a worldwide network of Child Sleep Consultants who help each other and share knowledge and information. 

Next to that I am a certified mindfulness trainer and I completed several, relevant other courses successfully, such as “coaching skills” and “communication with children”.

Please feel free to have a look on my personal LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about my background.   

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